Flash" out unwanted hair in seconds using the latest intense pulsed light technology  
Nose £15.00
Ears £20.00
Upper Lip £30.00
Chin £70.00
Cheeks £40.00
Half Sides £30.00
Forehead £40.00
Eye Brows £55.00
Neck £55.00
Full Face £200.00
Full Arms £150.00
Half Arms £80.00
Under Arms £70.00
Full Legs £250.00
Half Legs £150.00
Bikini Line £75.00
Full Hollywood £150.00
Brazilian £110.00
Stomach Middle £50.00
Stomach Full £150.00
Chest £125.00
Back £250.00
Fingers or Thumbs £30.00
Bottom £50.00
Photo- rejuvenation

Vascular blemishes

Photo Rejuvenation is a dynamic non-invasive procedure using intense pulsed light [IPL] to rejuvenate the skin. The therapeutic light energy is transformed to heat energy. The target tissue is then fragmented and absorbed without damage to the surrounding skin. The skin surface is left smooth and rejuvenated.

Prices Starts From £65.00


Say goodbye to thread veins... Lasers and IPL can be used to remove thread veins on the face, body and legs. Laser treatments will remove fine and large thread veins effectively and quickly and thrss or four sessions is usually all that is needed to leave your skin feeling smooth and blemish-free. This is a noninvasive treatment for veins 1-3 mm in size. We generally recommend on average 5 treatments.

Prices Starts From £65.00

Teeth Whitening

Prices for a 45 minute treatment

The Laser Clinic Group has the fastest and most effective teeth whitening system. Being 100% Peroxide free it is also the most natural way to restore your teeth to whiter shades removing superficial stating. Whether it\'s coffee, tobacco, red wine, or just effects of time that have stained your teeth, our professional teeth whitening system guarantees you a gleaming white smile in minutes.

Prices Starts From £59.00

TLC Fusiomed Cryo Lipo

Instant Results

FusioMed uses a non-invasive procedure that consists in overheating and then freezing the fat cells to trigger the process of lipolysis. An applicator, placed directly on the treatment area, emits radiofrequency and in sequence cools to near-freezing temperatures the skin. This results in the breakdown of the fat cells that are then flushed out of the body naturally.

Prices Starts From £749.00

Skin Tighening

Firmer Tighter Skin

Tighten loose skin without the need for needles or surgery. TLC Fusiomed safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles and loose skin with virtually no pain, no anaesthesia, and no downtime. With just a single, one-hour treatment, you could be on your way to firmer, tighter skin—with results that can last up to six months. TLC Fusiomed delivers constant, gradual energy to the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer come together. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep inside the skin, causing them to contract and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. This results in firmer, tighter skin. First, a protective gel is applied to the face. You may feel a deep warming sensation when the doctor touches the area being treated with the TLC Fusiomed hand piece. No anaesthetic is used, so you will act as a guide to describe the depth of the sensation as the doctor moves the hand piece across your face.

Prices Starts From £200.00

Photo Rejuvenation

Treatment of Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Scars and Stretch Marks

Photorejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses intense pulsed light or other thermal or chemical methods to treat some skin conditions and remove wrinkles arising from photoaging. The process induces controlled wounds on the skin, prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells. This process reverses the effects of photoaging to a certain extent by removing wrinkles

Prices Starts From £59.00

Ultrasound Cavitation + Lymphatic Drainage

Non-invasive, painless emulsification (conversion to liquid) and elimination of stubborn fat and cellulite.

Ultrasonic aims help you to reshape your body and help you get your confidence back. Ultrasonic treatments are a non-invasive treatment, which our customers have found to deliver results they are thrilled with.

Prices Starts From £129.00

Ultrasound Cavitation

Weight Loss Without the Wait

Cavitation is a pain free non-invasive technique used for fat reduction. It’s a effective way of reducing cellulite and fat from areas such arms, abdomen, love handles, legs and bottom. When combined with radio frequency great results are achieved. Generally results are seen after just one session. 1 Area £99 Upper or Lower Stomach. 2 Areas £150 Upper Arms, Inner /Back of Thighs, Bottom, Love Handles, Hips, Upper and Lower Stomach

Prices Starts From £99.00

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